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Ensuring your child's regular attendance is crucial for their overall success in school. If you require assistance with organizing a daily schedule, accessing healthcare resources, or any other aspect related to supporting your child's attendance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help!

Tardies  Any student arriving at school after the 8:00 AM bell is considered tardy.  

Absences  If your student is absent, please call us immediately.  If your student is sick, we are able to excuse absences.  If your student is sick and goes to the doctor, has a dentist appointment, or you have any other medical documentation - please bring it to our Main Office.  Absences that have medical documentation are able to be medically excused without penalty.    

Truancy If attendance becomes a concern, you may be recommended to Santa Rosa City Schools truancy office.  This will happen after Truancy Meetings (SART Meetings) have been held with the Principal.  You may be asked to come to a Truancy Meeting after 3-6 UNEXCUSED absences.  

Make Up Work Absence work is ideal for students missing 2+ days due to a medically excused absence (medical documentation from a Doctor).  Picking up missed class work is not required but is an option for our students when they will be sick for an extended amount of time.