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About Our School

At Albert F. Biella Elementary, we focus on making learning fun and tailored to each student. We believe that every child has the potential to learn and become whatever they want to be. 

We hold a firm belief in the inherent integrity of all individuals. We take great pride in our robust inclusion and special education program, ensuring that every student, regardless of their unique abilities or challenges, is embraced and supported within our warm and welcoming community. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not just a value; it's a cornerstone of the rich tapestry that makes our school a place where every child can thrive and feel valued for who they are. Together, we celebrate differences and foster an environment where everyone can shine brightly.

Our teachers are dedicated to providing excellent education. They pay special attention to the unique needs of each student, and we work closely with parents and the community to ensure success. We have events like assemblies, field trips, and partnerships with the community that offer great opportunities for all students. We use the latest teaching methods and other research-based approaches to help students read better. We also use Everyday Mathematics and partner with acclaimed educator Jo Boaler to make math exciting and engaging.

At Biella Elementray we offer various programs and activities. We focus on science through our participation in the Sonoma Environmental Educational Collaborative. We also partner with Code To The Future to ensure all students excel in coding and robotics. Our counseling team helps students with social and emotional skills through programs like Toolbox and the Zones of Regulation. After school, we provide opportunities for students to explore their interests, including clubs, basketball, soccer, and partnering with the Boys & Girls Club for child care.

As a community, we encourage creativity, learning through questions, making global connections, using technology and real-world tools, and promoting a positive mindset for changing the world.