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About Our School

At Biella Elementary, we make learning enjoyable and personalized for every child. We believe in the potential of each student to achieve their dreams.

We're proud of our inclusive environment where every student, no matter their abilities or challenges, is welcomed and supported. Our diverse community celebrates differences and ensures that everyone feels valued.

Our teachers pay close attention to each student's needs, working closely with families and the community for success. We offer exciting events like assemblies, field trips, and partnerships to enrich learning experiences.

In our programs, we emphasize environmental education and science through partnerships like the Sonoma Environmental Educational Collaborative. We also focus on coding and robotics with Code To The Future. Our counseling team helps students develop social and emotional skills through engaging programs.

After school, students can explore their interests through clubs, sports, and partnerships like the Boys & Girls Club for childcare.

Together, we encourage creativity, critical thinking, and a positive mindset to prepare students for a changing world.




We are a committed Environmental Education Pathways School presented through SEEC. With the help of the Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC), we are working with over 6 partner organizations to create connected learning across all grades. This means that we are offering our students in every grade, hands-on outdoor education experiences that build upon each other-- bringing the classroom out into nature! Whether it is learning about our local watershed, habitats, or climate change, our students are gaining the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become the next generation of stewards! 

To learn more about SEEC and the Pathways Project, head over to their website!

Pathways Project - Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (