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Girls Basketball

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The girls basketball team has two coaches: Coach williams & coach wedel

Meet Coach Williams:

Hello all of you basketball enthusiasts! My Kindergarteners call me Mrs. Williams or teacher, but my players know me as Coach. This is my first year teaching at Biella, and my very first year coaching basketball. Basketball has always been one of my great loves! I started playing when I was in the second grade, but really fell in love with the sport in high school. I am newly married, so if you hear people calling me Mrs. Williams, you know why! My husband and I are hard core Warriors fans, but one secret I've been hiding from him is...I've always been a Kings fan! Oh how I miss the years of Chris Webb, Mike Bibby, and Bobby Jackson. (If you don't know those players, please ask your parents!) 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to come cheer on the Girls Basketball team! We value the love and support of our fans who add to the excitement of the game! 

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Coach Williams' Coaching Philosophy:

Basketball can teach us a lot about life. It's a team sport that values communication. Just like in our life, we need to learn how to work with others to get the job done. Communication is the key to living a healthy life. Our relationships with those around us thrive when we learn how to communicate our wants and needs. Sports are not just about competition, but about character building. Sports teach us how to utilize our voice to solve problems and speak up for ourselves. I know for the boys on the team, I've already seen great growth in confidence and sportsmanship. My motto is, we win as a team and lose as a team. No one is above the other just because they might score more points. Even in the NBA, someone like Steph Curry will still do the cardio punishment the team has earned. I know for my players, one valuable lesson we are learning is how to have grit in the fight. We've faced some really great teams who have some good talent. It can be tough at times to face a challenger who may be taller or better. But we don't worry about the score or our opponents. All we can control is how we play, and we play with heart and grit. Life is not fair at times, and we can't control that. But we can control how we respond to those challenges. Even if someone is taller than us, we can still box out, rebound, and play with endurance. We don't give up, even when it is hard! That is what basketball can teach us. 

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